Use this form to search our database of marine radio weather forecast times and frequencies. The database includes most MF and HF broadcasts, but none on VHF. Uncheck the forecast types and sea areas not required.

Types of transmission
  • SSB (Voice) From Coast Guards and Coast Stations, on USB
  • Amateur Nets Maintained by amateurs, on LSB if below 10 MHz, otherwise USB
  • Weather FAX USB transmissions
  • Navtex 518 KHz USB, some local language forecasts on 490 KHz
  • Broadcast AM radio weather forecasts
  • Sitor USB transmissions
  • RTTY USB transmissions
  • Cruising Nets USB transmissions from yachts with weather, safety and local topics
  • Morse (CW) CW transmissions, now rare
Choose the type(s) of transmission
 SSB (Voice)  Amateur Nets  Weather FAX  Navtex  Broadcast (AM)
 Sitor  RTTY  Cruising Nets  Morse (CW)  
Choose the Navigational Areas
 I NE Atlantic and Baltic
 II Tropical E Atlantic
 III Mediterranean
 IV NW Atlantic, Caribbean
 V Tropical W Atlantic
 VI SW Atlantic
 VII S Atlantic
 VIII Indian Ocean
 IX Red Sea and Gulf
 X SE Atlantic
 XI West Pacific
 XII NE Pacific
 XIII NW Pacific
 XIV SW Pacific
 XV SE Pacific
 XVI Central East Pacific

Choose transmission start time

Between   and   (Normally UTC but some times are local)

Only use this if you accept that this database may be inaccurate so will check any results from offical sources before relying on them.

Number of callers