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Wind display
Mediterranean Wind Display

Grib Weather File Viewer and Manager

Our viewer is designed to process Grib marine weather forecasts which are readily and freely available over the Internet. These files are compressed so can be downloaded quickly, even over slow internet connections (e.g. mobile or sat phones) and typically contain wind speed and direction information at 3, 6 or 12 hourly intervals for 3 to 7 days. Values are normally given for each degree of latitude and 1.25 degrees of longitude. Those provided by the Raymarine Corporation also include pressure at msl, air temperature and precipitation. The system also includes utilities to download files, extract specific data, join files and to decompress files downloaded in zip or bzip format.

Our software will also print the weather charts for use on notice boards in marinas, harbour offices and race control centres.

Our software has recently been updated to include tools for passage planning.

The Grib files intended for yachting vary in size, from about 60 Kbytes for the whole of the Mediterranean sea, to around 200 KBytes for half an ocean. The system will also process high resolution global Grib files generated by NOAA which give data at .5 degree resolution, but these files are very large and require a broadband connection.

Custom programming solutions - contact us to discuss your requirements.

Download the appropriate file and either save in a temporary folder and run it to install the system (Vista/Windows 7 users see our FAQ) or take the option to run the download immediately without saving it.

First time users click here to download a trial copy (includes some sample Grib files).

Existing users Systems installed since 21 Feb 07 have a built in function to check for and to download updates.

Existing users click here to download the chart of national boundaries if you would like them to be shown. Last updated 20 Jan 2006. File size approximately 1 MBytes.

It is best to use the function in the program to register your copy, but it can also be carried out here. All payment details are processed by the secure PayPal system.

Some good reasons for using our software
  • Free, accurate, detailed weather forecasts for 3 or more days
  • Free detailed weather outlook for up to 7 days
  • Program checks for corrupted and outdated data
  • Inexpensive access to sound forecasts, whenever you can can link to the net
  • Invaluable information for safe passage planning
  • Easy Grib file downloads - choose from at least 3 separate sources of free Gribs
  • Ongoing development - free updates at any time
  • Comprehensive Help file with context sensitive help
  • Free email support - if you have a problem then we will try to help
  • Wishlist - tell us about any feature that you would like and we will try to incorporate it
  • Includes tools to download, unzip files, convert edition 2 Gribs to edition 1 format, all in single package
To see some notes of actual passages planned using Grib files click here

The Grib file viewer features include
  • Distributed as fully functional shareware, free trial period
  • Very easy to use
  • Runs under all recent versions of Windows
  • Designed with the needs of the yachtsman in mind
  • Function to download and prepare Grib files from the Internet
  • Generates email requests for custom Grib files from and
  • Forecasts can be printed easily
  • Display format can be tailored to suit your preferences
  • Automatically decompresses files in zip or bz2 format and conversion of type 2 Gribs to type 1
  • Function to set up your passage plan and display it and your expected position on forecast chart
  • Function to convert edition 2 files to edition 1 format
  • Function to join Grib files (Pro Version)
  • Function to extract specific data from Grib files (Pro Version)
  • Can perform batch downloads of Grib (or any) files from the Internet
  • Function to perform batch joining of files (Pro Version)
  • Handy function to show direction and distance between any two points on displayed chart - choice of Great Circle or Rhumb line calculations
  • Hover mouse over any point on chart to display all the data for that location, or Ctrl+Right Click to display all the forecast data for that location for up to a week
  • Displays (when associated data is present in Grib file) wind, pressure, air & water temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, visibility (fog), ocean currents, water salinity, sea ice, QuikSCAT Scatterometer Winds and swell & waves, relative humidity, 500 hps winds, best (4 layer) lifted index
  • Function to convert Grib files to csv format (Pro Version)
  • Weather Check function to extract all data for a specific location, outputting to csv or text files (Pro Version).
  • Download options to download global Wave Watch III and GSF Gribs (Pro Version)
  • Download options to download Wave Watch III monthly archives from about January 2000 (Pro Version)
  • Function to "stitch" Gribs of different areas or resolutions together (Pro Version)
  • Function to create grib file from FNMOC current data (Pro Version)
  • Composite display showing wind and swell together
  • Users can update to the latest version without charge
  • Inexpensive, basic license costs just £10, Pro Version license costs £50 (plus VAT when applicable)
  • Multi copy licenses at reduced charge
To see an example of a forecast from Global Marine, click here
For an example of a forecast from Raymarine, click here Note - Raymarine stopped providing Gribs from May 2009
For another forecast from Raymarine, click here
An example of a composite display, showing wind and swell, click here
A display of currents click here

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